Modern Canopy Bed Frames Must Be A Reflection Of Your Personality

Published: 12th November 2011
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Canopy bed frames are a popular piece of bedroom furniture that has evolved to include many new designs. Modern canopy bed frames are the focal point of any todays popular furniture is the different bedroom. Let us understand a bit more about canopy bed frames based on their:

A canopy bed has curtains made of silk and satin hung from the four posts fixed to the corners and this curtains give a feel of closeness in the bedroom. These have headboards and foot boards with leather work or some wood art on it.

European style canopy beds with metal rails often have serpent shapes to add a dramatic effect. The canopy bed frame as we know it first appeared in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries where the bedroom was part of a big hall and the canopy was needed to provide privacy to the Lord and Lady of the house from the sleeping servants. Curtains were also meant to keep out smoke, insect and other debris. The traditional canopy bed had two distinctive styles:
Traditional European
Traditional Chinese

The conventional European bed has curtains and made of wood or metal with magnificent decors and inscriptions on it. Traditional ones are more subtle and also have two extra posts and these designs depict exactly the Chinese cultures with dragon and lattice work on it. American use European bed frames .The modern canopy beds are made from metal or wood without much art work on it and these are made to fit todays modern homes.

Oak pine and the combination of both are used to make modern wood canopy beds and metal beds come in all bright colors of black, white, pink and blue. The curtains in the canopy beds are made of light material and it is pleasure to look at it. Based upon your need and taste you can choose bed that is conventional or contemporary.

Before buying furniture for your kids room think of the pattern and variety you intend to buy because you need to be little bit flexible a little bit and choose from the various available choices. If planning to buy beds then some might want to have captains bed and some may prefer bunker bed. This can have a sleeping place at the top and underneath space can be converted as desk then later turned into a twin bed.

If your kids have lots of friends, chances are there will be frequent sleepovers. So, consider either a bunk bed with the option of a trundle bed underneath or a separate trundle bed that can fit under a Captains bed and offers more sleeping space. All childrens bedrooms need plenty of storage space. So, consider a Storage bed where the storage space is under the bed where kids can learn to organize their own toys, games, shoes, socks etc. Apart from this, kids will need some drawers that are deep and wide.

Drawers now labeled so that the kids can keep and maintain their own things and clothes. Dressers also are available in various sizes so that children can segregate and keep their clothes, the smaller ones like socks and underwear in the small drawers and night dress jeans tees in the bigger ones and the wool goes inside the storage space. Extra storage is much appreciated since kid always need a lot more space to keep and sore so many things as they grow up.

A night stand is a necessity in a kids bedroom if it is not part of the headboard. This allows them to read at night. The dresser is furniture with a mirror where girls have their jewels and makeup kits and boys keep their gadgets .Keep this furniture in appropriate place so that your kids room is comfortable.

Article by Sam Kiesel of BedFramesOnline, who is a specialist in beddings. For more information on modern bedroom furniture and king sized platform bed, visit his site today.

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